Ingrid's Island Massage

of Orland Park IL.

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Medical treatment massages: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, Gluteus Muscles, Adductors, Illiotibial Bend, Quadriceps Group, Hamstrings, Psoas, Muscles(lower back pain), Pectoralis Muscle, Shoulder pain.
Through my training in massage school I learned that the awareness
and intuition that I had experienced my entire life I was more than just a
feeling.  It was a gift.  It was the ability to connect with the
universal energy (life force) that is inside all of us. It was inside me from
birth and waiting for me to mature to the right point in my life to be able to use
it for healing by being a conduit to help others heal’s my time to give back to the universe by assisting it in healing others to return to their natural balance and good state of mental, spiritual and physical health


The perfect first massage designed to melt away all the worries
of the outside world.  Let yourself drift away while you
massaged in rich nourishing oils are applied to your skin with long rhythmic
strokes.  You may not want to leave after this massage!
60 min.          $50
90 min.           $80

Deep Tissue

Take yourself to a different level of relaxation with this
therapeutic massage.  Using compression and cross friction
techniques, this massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and
your muscles at the peak of their performance.  
touch of relaxation.

60 min.       $85

What could be more relaxing than having your feet  massaged with rich nourishing oils .The ancient eastern practice of thumb and finger pressure is used on the feet to bring a heightened sense of well being to all regions of the body.  A wonderful introduction to massage for the first timer.
 40 min.       $40

Feather Lite Touch
Light touch specifically addresses the nervous system, creating an overall calming
 60 min.       $60

Island Combo Massage

This massage is a combination of traditional Island and more standard therapeutic massage techniques. It is done entirely in Island style with minimal draping but the therapist will stop and focus any problem areas more so than she will in a traditional Island relaxation massage. Many clients use this as their regular every month massage. Each session is customized with a mixture of Island relaxationi and traditional techniques based on your needs that day.


60 min.          $60
90 min.           $90