Ingrid's Island Massage

of Orland Park IL.

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I have been seeing Ingrid for nearly over 5 years. She is a remarkable "healer" and therapist. Rarely does one find such a caring, competent professional nowadays. She truly stands well-above the rest. I consider myself fortunate to have come under her care.

Charles L. 7-16-2016

Had my first massage with Ingrid last week. WONDERFUL. I felt great after and got the best night's sleep. I already made my next appointment.  

Rich - 5-30-15

I have been seeing Ingrid for over a year now and will say hands down she is my favorite CMT. I have seen over 25 differant therapist and none have come close to matching her skills. She is very personable and kind and makes the entire expierence comfortable from start to finish. I am constantly sore from working out and one visit a month seems to make my workouts go by much smoother. She is very very talented. 10/10 would recomend to ANYONE.      Jon G.  1/26/15

I came across Ingrid's webpage recently, and decided to make an appointment. Since 1st contact over the phone, I felt the kindness and perceived the goodness of Ingrid and could only imagine what an experience to expect. As read from other reviews, they are not short of the reality. She really is gifted in this talent/art of a healer, a touch so soothing, relieving, it felt as one were in a dream. Did not want the session to come to an end. Ingrid is so attentive to the needs, so kind and a great human being. I'm grateful to have scheduled my massage with her and will definitely will return soon, as I left very satisfied. I highly recommend her massage services. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Ingrid :)

Chis R  4/-24-2014

Ingrid is a smart intelligent woman that could have done many things with her life.  I am grateful she chose the path of the healer that she is.

I have been seeing her for many years and I found her to adapt and grow with my needs over the years. She is a caring intuitive that can zone in on my problem areas and leave me energetically uplifted. Her popularity is growing and Ingrid goes out of her way accommodate schedules but I recommend scheduling in I find it always to be a clean, very calming and peaceful.

Our sessions are always best when I bring her smile and no expectation. When treated with the grace and respect that she gives out, you will find Ingrid is a beautiful caring soul that will share her healing energies with you.  

Denise .    1-15-2014

My last massage therapist moved her office which was just too far of a drive for me. I happened to find Ingrid's website this week & received a massage from her today. Now my last massage therapist was very good & cared & Ingrid was honestly better.

Talking to Ingrid after my massage & her saying she loves what she does shows in her massages. I'm so happy that I was able to stumble upon her website because I didn't think I would find another massage therapist that was good at what they do.

Thank you so much Ingrid for the wonderful massage which I am being completely honest with you about. I look forward to many more massages from you!     

Bob H. 1/24/2014

I've been getting Ingrid's massages since 2008. Ingrid has helped me with my chronic lower back issues I have had for years! I like her "customized" sessions; she works on spots/areas I just need abd feel for the day. Being a high ethic professional therapist, Ingrid is such a down to earth, easy going and understanding person. I really appreciate her concern and attention to my personal needs! She is simply awesome :)

Lorett 12/14/2013

I've had many, many, massages over the years, from many massage therapists. When I find one, I stick with them. After my last therapist retired, I tried Ingrid. She is the best I've ever had. I'm hooked, and won't go anywhere else. If you're looking for the perfect massage, see Ingrid. She will take good care of you!

Tom 10/03/2013

I was about to give up to have my chance to see Ingrid. She was always booked up for the day I was calling to see her. After checking out her updated website and reviews, I thought she is challenging!!!LOL I am glad I tried her today and got lucky! Seems all the reviews are real!!! Woow... I had a chance to experience a real massage done with passion, care, high training skills, soothing/magic touch! No doubt she is talented ...If you are looking for an awesome massage therapist and the best massage

service, try Ingrid. You will be surprised :)


With respect to Ingrid, I've been getting Ingrid's massages since 2008. Ingrid has helped me with my chronic lower back issues I have had for years! I like her "customized" sessions; she works on spots/areas I just need abd feel for the day. Being a high ethic professional therapist, Ingrid is such a down to earth, easy going and understanding person. I really appreciate her concern and attention to my personal needs! She is simply awesome :) 


Ingrid is an amazing therapist! I will mention just a few reasons on here... You must meet Ingrid yourself and judge on your own... Ingrid is a gifted talented therapist. I feel like a king treated with a high comfort and care level and refreshed by her touch! Every single dollar and penny she charges for her sessions is worth it!!!

Her 60 min as she advertises is a complete 60 min session and 90 min is a complete 90 min session. (Some salons and spas charge you for 60 min session rates but provide only 50min session service!)....Just wish her place was in Naperville...I would see her every

Dave S. 2013-09-17

Hi I've been getting weekly massages for years, then my masseuse moved and that's when i met Ingrid she is awesome, spectacular and an incredible masseuse. I am so glad my girl moved because i never would have met Ingrid I can tell you absolutely she is the best and gives the best massage you will EVER have.

Very tranquil setting and Ingrid is very attentive to your needs. I will never get another massage from anyone but Ingrid, she has a super friendly attitude very personable and incredibly skilled in her talents. I highly, very highly recommend her services, try the 90 mins of heaven you will forget where you are. Thanks again Ingrid you are truly THE BEST !!!!!  gonna call her again today :) 

Jim    2013-08-27

I am middle-aged former collegiate football player and combat veteran. To say the least, I have my share of aches, pains and mobility issues. Ingrid is a very competent, heartfelt, intuitive therapist second-to-none. She has done wonders for me and I feel very fortunate indeed to have the benefit of her expertise. I recommend her highly.

Charles    2013-08-09

I have visited Ingrid many times. She offers the most wonderful and stimulating massage .She is an expert at what she does. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations we have. Ingrid is very intelligent. The 90 minutes go by so quickly. I will be back many more times. I highly recommend Ingrid to anyone looking for the very best in massage therapy. 

Jack  2013-07-30

I am happy I found Ingrid. I had experienced sciatica pain for almost two years, and tired chiropractor and different massage therapist. Nothing helped until I had 2 sessions with Ingrid. Her techniques, passion and magic touch seems helped me tremendously. I defiantly recommend her service.

Steve  2013-7-29

I have been fortunate to travel and see many spas. I have realized that salt water pools and cucumber water are nice, but the most important aspect for me is the massage. Ingrid is part of a team that I have put together to take care of my body. From orthopedic surgeons to chiropractors I try to take care of my body. Ingrid is a part of this team that helps me stay active and training hard. I have been in athletics my whole life and continue to train, so I need a CMT who is skilled and knowledgeable.

 Ingrid is the best CMT I have found and she is right here in the Chicago land area. My chiropractor has even mentioned that he can notice the difference when I have seen my CMT. Mind you, I don't tell him, but he can feel the difference. Ingrid can notice immediately what muscles I have trained without telling her as well. This is important because you want a health provider who is in tune with you and knows your body! . I'm happy to see that Ingrid has included this Review section because it gives me a chance to share my experiences with her clients. Please know this is an honest review and I hope you go see Ingrid. Just don't hog up my time slots, LOL  

Jason         July 2013

I am a massage addict and have tried so many massage therapists. After my session with Ingrid, I must admit it was the best massage I ever had! Ingrid defiantly has magic hands! Her touch is so soothing, nurturing and healing. I felt her passion and care. It was such an amazing experience!

 I hope it is alright to menti on Ingrid is a very beautiful and friendly therapist. I highly recommend to have a 90 min session with her. The time goes by just too fast...

JK    August 5 2013